The Proven Benefits of a College Education

Careers in The Proven Benefits of a College Education

As a child, you have hopes and dreams of becoming famous… maybe a basketball star. Ten years later, you get cut from your high school basketball team and you realize basketball just isn't for you. Soon enough, all of your friends are going away to college and so you move away to college, too. Maybe you go because your parents tell you that you need a college degree to be successful and if you want them to support you any longer you know you have to receive an education. Plus, having a room to call your own and having more freedom sounds like a good plan to you. But, besides hoping to one day have a decent career through your college degree, why else is college beneficial?

·         Networking and connections- Maybe your classmate just became a really good friend of yours that you start spending time with outside of class. Maybe you'll meet your spouse through earning your college degree. Or maybe you met someone with a job opportunity for you to take advantage of. Social interaction is healthy and one key factor towards success. So remember to network, network, network. Meet as many people as you can, and connect through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to keep in touch with your new friends and connections

·         Skills- College will teach you how to become a better writer, communicator, and thinker. And an education will also teach you how to adhere to deadlines and follow rules. These are all skills that an aspiring professional needs. Think of college as a toolbox of success - each year you add tools that can be used throughout your entire life, to help yourself and others.

·         Knowledge- Okay, so this may sound obvious, but earning a college education makes you more knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. For example, if you take a political science course you may understand the American legislative system more clearly. You will have more topics to discuss with others, and engage in conversations you may have not previously been interested in. As you continue to enroll in courses outside of your major, you will become a well-rounded student.

·         Self-esteem- Earning a college education will make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. You should earn a college education not only for the opportunity to have a successful career, but you should earn a college education to better yourself in all of the ways listed above.

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