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The first thing you probably look at when choosing the degree that fits you best is the pay, or at least a career that will support yourself. You may just want a career that will make you happy, one where going to work isn't a drag. There are many different aspects to look for, but of course you want to enjoy your career. Education can be a costly investment, so be sure to go after a degree you love, follow your passion! ""Follow your passion, and success will follow you,"" Terri Guillemets.

In such a busy world, it's sometimes easier to get off track, and more difficult to follow your dreams. But with an online degree dreams can become reality. Not only are online degrees more convenient, but they show integrity and motivation. The skills you learn from your online classes should impress employers. Check out these great online degrees:  

ACCOUNTING: So you have a passion for math and you're great with detail. Accounting is a growing field so employment should stay steady. Accounting programs online can also be less expensive.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: The combination of computer and art skills is what students in graphic design will learn more about. This degree can be earned in as little as two years. Graphic designers can earn a decent wage, with the benefits of possibly working from home.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: If you're computer savvy, earning a degree in computer science may be the degree for you. There are many potential opportunities in this field such as: systems administrators, database administrators, web developers and other positions that require a computer science degree.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: If your passion is to serve and protect, then a degree in criminal justice may be the right route for you in your education. There are many potential careers including: government jobs, police officers, investigators and others. Apply today to learn more about serving and protecting others.

BUSINESS DEGREE: This degree has become a very popular choice, so competition is high. Earning this degree online is a great way to go. This degree may open doors to many different possibilities including: human resources, marketing, finance, or business operations just to name a few.

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