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What is a Transportation Dispatch Degree?

Communication makes the world go 'round. We communicate in every possible way, in our language, music, art, and more. If you are a great communicator, a career as a dispatcher can be very rewarding and perfect to put your communication skills to work.

A dispatcher may work for police, emergency medical services, fire departments, airlines, trucking companies, and other organizations. A dispatcher is on the front lines of emergency communication, and has the important duty of getting the emergency information from one side of the system to the other. A dispatcher will not only transmit the message but also set up the action that is to take place.

How can I get a Transportation Dispatch Degree?

A dispatcher can find work with just a high school diploma, but certification is often necessary. A dispatcher needs to be quick, yet completely accurate and needs to have strong communication skills. There is usually training for a job as a dispatcher before you begin, especially when working with government positions. Some of the training may include knowledge on of the prevention of:

Domestic violence Suicide Bomb threats Hostage situations Terrorism threats

A public safety dispatcher is the most common dispatcher position. A public safety dispatcher answers telephone lines and obtains their emergency message. The dispatcher will then relay the message to whichever department it needs to be received by. A public safety dispatcher is usually part of the emergency team, either police, the fire department, or emergency medical services.

Another section of dispatching is for transportation. A transportation dispatcher works mainly for trucking companies. A transportation dispatcher is in charge of scheduling pickups and deliveries and monitoring routes and vehicle accidents.

There are also airline dispatchers. These dispatchers are in charge of monitoring flights, usually working closely with pilots. Airline dispatchers have a different and more extensive schooling process then the other dispatching jobs.

A dispatcher will typically work in the station of the organization they work for. The job can be stressful due to consistent calls and information. A dispatcher also has high responsibility in emergency calls and a mistake can cost lives.

If you like to help people or keep people safe, have strong communication skills, and are interested in continuing your education—apply for a degree today!

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