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What is a Travel and Tourism Degree?

We live in a fascinating, beautiful, diverse planet. Why not explore it a little?

Do you want to live your entire life driving up and down the same streets with the same people? Or would you rather discover new lands and meet different cultures?

If you love traveling and want to help other people plan exciting trips and vacations, consider earning a degree in travel and tourism.

Earning a degree in travel and tourism has a major perk that attracts people to the job: reduced rates on transportation and lodging. When a travel professional isn't traveling, they're normally working behind a desk in an office setting or out of their home office. Travel professionals  meet with clients and sort through sizable amounts of information to assist their clients in planning the best vacation possible. Travel professionals complete paperwork for clients, reserve the travel arrangements, and promote tours.

How can I get a Travel and Tourism Degree?

Travel professionals must have a good understanding of their clients' destinations. They need to know weather conditions, local ordinances and customs, attractions, and even required documents or exchange rates for travelers going overseas. With this being said, rescheduling missed reservations for clients can be stressful without the right tools. Peak vacation times are also very busy and thus sometimes stressful for travel professionals.

For travel professionals, the more training they receive, the more successful they are in their career. Full-time travel professional programs are offered at most vocational schools. You can also receive training online or at a community college. The coursework included in travel professional training educates students on geography, sales, marketing, along with specific training on forms and procedures required for ticketing and reservations. For prospective travel professionals seeking a bachelor's degree, a degree in travel and tourism can prove to be very beneficial for their career.

Successful travel professionals are well-organized, accurate, and have an eye for detail. Since their salaries are dependent on the number of trips they plan, travel professionals must be personable, trustworthy, and have excellent communication skills. Having personal traveling experience is encouraged, as personal tips and knowledge about cities or other countries can influence a client's decisions.

Does your boss tell you to take discounted vacations to gain knowledge and experience for your clientele list?

Do you enjoy planning vacations and talking to people about foreign lands? If so, fill out a form and enroll in a travel and tourism degree program today!

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