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What is a Web Development and Design Degree?

A modern day gold-rush is taking place under your nose as websites dominate the business world. Billionaire inventor and Web Developer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, made his fortune in website design and the coupon website, Groupon, is the fastest growing company of all time. It's not too late to join in the gold-rush, but first you need to earn a Web Development and Design degree.

Web Developers work behind the scenes to compose the look and feel of the websites you enjoy. They build, design, and maintain websites using either computer programming languages or content creation tools. Performing updates to websites and writing, designing, or editing content are in addition to their daily routine. They may also use code or specifically designed tools to create the infrastructure that enables websites to function. They also oversee the production of websites and they decide what content to include on the pages according to the users.

As a Web Developer, you may also be asked to administrate networks, databases, or groups of web pages. There are a wide variety of careers in Web Development and Design available to professionals with a Bachelor's Degree. That means you can specialize in exactly where your passions lay.

Web Development and Design degree holders tend to find work in bright, comfortable offices. Most website-related careers call for 40 hour work weeks, with only 16% working more than 50 hours(source: Bureu of Labor Services). So after you graduate and start your new career, you will still have plenty of free time.

How can I get a Web Development and Design Degree?

There are certain character traits that will help you succeed as a Web Developer. Problem solving skills are a requirement; communications skills are a big plus; it will be helpful if you are a logically minded individual with strengths in mathematics; and finally you must be able to precisely analyze data.

Educational options vary widely for Web Development and Design degree programs. Some opportunities only require technical certifications or work experience, but the highest paying Web Developer jobs require a bachelor's degree.

A career path in Web Development and Design is extremely safe. A Web Developer's biggest physical risks are carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist or lower back pain. Fortunately, the future employment prospects in Web Development and Design are way above average. Career opportunities in the Web Development and Design are predicted to grow as much as 13% by 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means you're practically guaranteed a job when you graduate with a Web Development and Design degree.

Upon graduation, you can possibly earn a minimum of $41,000 annually as a Web Developer. Top performing Web Development and Design degree holders earn upwards of $115,000 annually(source: Bureau of Labor Services).

There are also the entrepreneurial outliers who have started their own businesses and created vast fortunes in very short periods of time. Who knows, you might be the next one to make it.

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